solved assignment of 2013

Kuvempu University 4th Sem 2013 may/june solve Paper (BSIT -43 Part A)

SUBJECT:-UNIX AND SHELL PROGRAMMING SUBJECT CODE:- BSIT 43 PART-A 1.Grep command is used for ? Give an example. Ans:- grep command is used to search for a pattern in a given file. it displays the selected pattern, the line numbers or the filenames where the patterns occurs. The syntax of gerp is grep options pattern filename(s) […]

Kuvempu University 5th Sem 2013 may/june solve Paper (BSIT -53 Part A)

SUBJECT:- DATA WAREHOUSING AND DATA MINING SUBJECT CODE:- BSIT-53 PART-A 1. Define data warehouse. Ans:- Data warehouse is one of the key components of Business Intelligence Systems. The data stored in a data warehouse is used by the querying or reporting tools, data mining applications, and On Line Analysis Processing (OLAP) applications for business analysis.The process […]

Kuvempu University 5th Sem 2013 may/june solve Paper (BSIT -52 Part A)

SUBJECT:-WEB PROGRAMMING SUBJECT CODE:- BSIT-52 PART-A  1. What is web ? What is the difference between intranet and internet ? Ans:- A Web is a complex network of international, cross platform, and cross cultural communicating devices, connected to each other without any ordering or pattern. Internet and Intranet are both networks. However, the Internet is a […]

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